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For more than 55 years, Graffeo has specialized in only one thing: roasting coffee. This singular focus has resulted in flavorful, delicious blends and a devoted clientele. The finest, freshest Arabica beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and New Guinea are the basis for all of Graffeo's premium blends." (The 10 Best of Everything - National Geographic)

"You can smell the coffee a mile away from the top-rated roastery in SoCal, branches of the San Francisco landmark that 'do one thing well - roast dark or light', which is to say they offer 'no flavors, just the best dark, rich beans' for making 'the best coffee around'; 'nutty and full-bodied', 'it's absolutely perfect.'" (Zagat's Guide)

"Open since 1935, this North Beach emporium - one of the best-loved coffee stories in a city that really loves its java - sells Italian-roast beans in a variety of blends." (Fodor's, The New York Times, Travel Section)

"To me, Graffeo coffee - rich, full and never bitter. . ." (Ruth Reichl - Chief Food Editor, New York Times)

"Over-choice is not a problem here. Graffeo offers only two full-flavored roasts. . .and they are both simply some of the best coffee around. The company's secret blend is made up of Arabica beans imported from Columbia, Costa Rica and New Guinea. You can buy some to take home at the Graffeo counter in North Beach. Sadly, they don't brew it there; but you can enjoy it at many of San Francisco's top restaurants." (Wine Spectator - MaryAnn Worobiec)

"I found this light roasted version of the Graffeo blend acidy but sweet, rich, with a broad flavor range including delicate orange and floral notes. Both aroma and finish showed a slight bitter edge which rounded and softened as the cup cooled. Who should drunk it: Macho breakfast cuppers. A classic medium-roasted coffee with both delicacy and power." (COFFEE REVIEW, the world's leading coffee buying guide)

"I brewed this dark-roasted version of the Graffeo blend as espresso and found it medium-bodied, smooth in mouthfeel, sweet but crisply roasty. In small milk the bittersweetness read as a dry, smoky chocolate; in larger milk as a delicately sweet but rather dilute chocolate. Who should drink it: Those who enjoy a mild roasty bite in their straight shots and cappuccinos." (COFFEE REVIEW, the world's leading coffee buying guide)