Shade grown coffee





ProcessOur Process

At Graffeo the art and the science of coffee roasting is inherent in our culture.

From the selection of green beans to the formation of choice blends, we strive to offer results consistent with our legacy of excellence. Our green bean storage, coffee roasting facility, grinding and packing room are all housed together under one roof to ensure the processes are closely monitored by our Processtechnicians to exacting specifications.

Each of these facilities is meticulously engineered by hand and combines a broad depth of knowledge with the latest technological innovations.

With the advent of our new Singapore roasting facility, we have integrated proprietary innovations which allow us to tailor each roast for ambient temperature, humidity and weight variables in the environment.

Freshness has always been important to us. From our roasting facility in Singapore coffee is shipped by air to ensure quality, aroma and taste are intact when you receive your beans.