Why is Graffeo coffee so amazingly good.

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Graffeo was founded in 1935 on the streets of San Francisco's Italian culinary capital, North Beach.

Graffeo is one of North America's oldest artisan coffee roasters and remains a family-run company passed on down through generations.

A cherished institution from the beginning, we started by hand roasting our select blend providing aficionados and the first European-style cafes' with rich, dark, fresh roasted coffee beans.

Graffeo SFToday, Graffeo is the quintessential boutique coffee roaster and supplies some of the world's most renowned eateries and discerning indviduals from our original San Francisco location in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, San Rafael and Singapore in Asia.

Graffeo Coffee. You know it when you taste it. Once you have, no other coffee will do.

That's the simple premise on which we built Graffeo Coffee. And why, more than 55 years later, we're still winning the hearts of coffee lovers from coast to coast.

GraffeoThe reasons for this widespread appeal are really quite simple. The fact is that at Graffeo we continue to specialize in one thing only: roasting coffee. Our blend is prepared by using the finest, freshest Arabica beans imported from Colombia, Costa Rica and New Guinea.

We then carefully roast this delicate blend in small quantities using our state-of-the-art fluid-bed roasting equipment to ensure precise temperature and quality control. This is our guaranty: the freshness, rich aroma and flavor of the coffee you buy is consistently satisfying, time after time.

That, in all its simplicity, remains Graffeo's recipe for Graffeosuccess and unmistakably outstanding coffee. One exceptional blend available in two varieties, Dark Roast and Light Roast. We also offer a Decaffeinated Colombian, produced entirely without the use of chemicals, using the Swiss Water Process. All roasted to perfection daily in each of our stores.

To safeguard the freshness and quality of our coffee, we make it available only through the finest restaurants and specialty shops or directly from any of our locations. Simply call any of Graffeo's toll-free numbers and place an order. We'll promptly ship you freshly roasted coffee.

Why not make one of life's most satisfying pleasures infinitely more rewarding? Make your next and every cup Graffeo Coffee.

“To me Graffeo Coffee is rich,
full and never bitter."

Ruth Reichl The New York Times