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GRAFFEO COFFEE FEATURED IN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC'S BOOK "THE 10 BEST OF EVERYTHING" - Award-winning coffee roaster, Graffeo featured in National Geographic's book The 10 Best of Everything. Also ranked #1 in coffee quality by ZAGAT guide, and called "the best coffee around" by Wine Spectator, Graffeo's inclusion in authors and connoisseurs Nathaniel and Andrew Lande's compilation is a testament to to Graffeo's long-time commitment to roasting the finest and freshest coffee. (The Ten Best of Everything, June 2007)

AND THE WINNING COFFEE IS. . . "Graffeo, the coffee served at the Oscars, is making its presence felt in Hong Kong. . .The brand, which was voted 'No. 1 Coffee' by Zagat and deemed 'the best coffee around' by Wine Spectator, uses the finest, freshest Arabica beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and New guinea and roasts them in small quantities to ensure consistent high quality." (Talkies Magazine, FOOD STUFF by Andrew Dembiro, Mar 2005)

CHEF TO TYCOONS BRINGS LIFE AT THE TOP TO QUIET OF THE MALL - "I could have cut some costs really easily. Two of Italy's most famous quality coffee brands, for example, offered me their products free of charge, but I had to say no as I wanted no compromise and had already planned to bring Graffeo - a unique Californian label - to Hong Kong." (South China Morning Post: Harlan Goldstein of Harlan's Restaurant, Hong Kong, Dec 19, 2004)

FEATURE: U.S. BOUTIQUE ROASTER HEADS TO ASIA - ". . .Hong Kong restaurants are already queuing up and one hotel in Sri Lanka has already doubled its order since it started buying the roasted coffee 3 months ago. Given the nature of its product the company is only targeting the very high end restaurants and boutique hotels." (United Press International, UPI Business Correspondent Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop, Oct 18, 2003)

GRAFFEO COFFEE, STOVETOP "MACHIATTO" - "Graffeo is the best beans on the planet. Took a stash with me to Oz last year, my host commented on this, so I brewed him a cup. 'That is good coffee,' said he. 'I know.' Based in San Francisco's North Beach, they've got stores in San Rafael and Beverly Hills. . .Utter simplicity: dark or light roast, regular or decaf." (Kuro5hin, technology and culture, from the trenches)

THE WEEKLY YELP - "This place is so serious about its coffee that they focus on roasting rather than serving it, despite their ideal North Beach location. They keep it simple: Light Roast and Dark Roast. That's it. This coffee will hold up scrutiny from ever the most jaded coffee snobs. . ." (The Weekly Yelp: Real People, Real Reviews, Oct 24, 2005)

WAKE UP! . . .and smell the coffee we've brewed by every method known to man. "We could give up hamburgers. If we had to, we could sear off martinis, zinfandel and Pilsner Urquell. We already get along quite happily without cigarettes, bubblegum, cocaine and toothpicks. We might even be able to survive without chocolate. But no way, under no circumstances, not in a million trillion years, could we live without coffee. . ." (Dwell Magazine, featuring Luciano Repetto, owner of Graffeo as the Expert Opinion, August 2001)

A GREAT CITY FORCED TO DRINK SWILL? Question and Answer article featuring Graffeo Coffee owner, Luciano Repetto. (San Francisco Examiner, Examiner correspondent Fred Dodsworth, May 4, 2001)

HOME AWAY FROM HOME - "For nine years Harlan Goldstein kept movers and shakers happy at the food and beverage outlets of the Aberdeen Marina Club, and now he intends to do the same, on his own terms, at his eponymous restaurant in IFC Mall. . .Goldstein is also proud to be serving his favorite coffee: Graffeo." (Talkies Magazine, FOOD STUFF by Andrew Dembiro, 2005)

BEAN TOWNS - "Seattle, San Francisco. These two jewels of the Pacific Coast have much in common. . .Both also have reputations as the coffee lover's utopia. . .John Graffeo started peddling his light and dark roasts from a North Beach storefront in 1935." (VIVA Magazine, Bean Towns by Kelli Anderson, Jan 2002)