CoffeeThe Art and the Science

To understand the uniqueness of Graffeo coffee we must understand the inherent qualities of coffee and the science behind the art of coffee roasting.

The Beans: Coffee which grows on trees in many countries, generally  between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, is hand-picked as  ripe cherries. These are processed to yield green coffee beans which are then shipped to coffee roasters around the world.





The Blend: Coffee beans from different origins with varied taste profiles are blended to form a uniquely individual result. Blending the finest Arabica beans achieves greater complexity, flavor, aroma and overall balance.




RoastingThe Science: Coffee roasting is the process of heating the green coffee beans to remove moisture and cause pyrolysis of the sugar in the coffee bean cells. During this process the green beans turn brown in color and attain their distinct flavor and aroma.

Uniform and controlled heating must be applied to the entire batch of beans to ensure thorough roasting without overheating. Our scientific technology delivers consistently on attaining the optimum taste profile for a particular type or blend of coffee.

    The Art: Creating a coffee blend is similar to an artist drawing on blank canvas. There are hundreds of varieties of coffee to provide differing taste profiles. The ability to adjust roast temperatures depending on selected profiles is a complicated procedure which takes years to master.

Monitoring this delicate process to perfection is highly challenging, some say an art. Taste, timing, temperature and atmospheric conditions can all affect the final outcome of the roast and thus the quality of coffee. One must know the intimate characteristics of the blend as well as how to release its essential flavors. The ability to execute this task to perfection on a consistent basis is the goal of all roasters.